Portugal | Faro/Lagos, Sintra, Douro Valley

I was born in Lagos so obviously I had to see what Lagos/Lagoa had to offer. I quickly realized that the similarities end at their names; Lagoa is a small unassuming town and Lagos is certainly not.

We got a GORGEOUS Airbnb in Faro and ended up beaching it and cooking dinner most nights.  The Airbnb was on a private beach which was amazing and provided a great break from the constant city noise and nights out which my liver was super thankful for.  If you aren’t about that city life, this post is for you.

We literally just did beach yoga and cooked, so enjoy some beach scenery down below.



Do you want to feel like a wood nymph prancing around castles? Sintra’s where it’s at. Honestly, so many castles… so many woods. Some of the more notable castles are: Pena Castle (think of a colourful Disney castle), Quinta de Regalaire , The Moorish Castle and Palacio de Monserrate.

The Castle of the Moors is literally breathtaking since it takes a good hour to hike up to the castle; the hike is certainly worth it. Just be sure to have plenty of fluids and proper walking shoes.

Top of the Moorish Castle with the Pena Castle in the background

The Quinta de Regalaire was a godsend after the Moorish Castle; it’s more touristy and kid friendly aka my lack of cardiovascular exercise wasn’t on display.  It’s a 19th Century gothic castle with really cool, creepy underground tunnels, beautiful secret gardens and the incredible Initiation Wells. I couldn’t get proper pictures of the tunnels since it was quite dark but I imagine it’s what Pinocchio felt like when he was swallowed by the whale.





Next stop was Douro Valley for some port and olive oil tasting. This was the last leg of Portugal before heading to Spain; quite honestly, I was tired, hungover, and just overall drained of energy. Douro Valley was a great and scenic end to Portugal. All in all, Portugal was Ah-mazing, the food, the partieis, the people, the art, the dranks… everything!! #natasarelife.


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