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My first post is dumdumdum.. PORTUGAL!!!!  One of my friends (shoutout to Katrin) decided to get married in Costa Brava, Spain and someone from our group suggested a stop-over in Portugal. We planned a multi-city excursion of Portugal before heading to Barcelona and ultimately Costa Brava.

Our first stop was Lisbon or Lisboa if you want to be bougie.  Lisbon as a city and its people are absolutely beautiful!!! It was such a great beginning to what would end up a very memorable trip. 

Eating our way through the city I Lisbon Eating our way through the city I Lisbon

I can’t say enough good things about the amazing and beautiful city that is Lisbon. The city is decorated in blue and white decorative tiles [Azulejos], an art-work that dates back to the Moorish days with Spanish influences. For great views of Lisbon’s skyline, take a quick ferry to Almada and enjoy some Vinho Verde, a Portuguese wine, outdoors.

Sunset I Almada Sunset I Almada

Prime Vinho Verde drinking spot l Almada Prime Vinho Verde drinking spot l Almada


Porto was by far my favourite city on this trip; it masquerades as a sleepy town by day and a hipster’s wet dream by night. An ideal day is grabbing a cafe and a nata [egg tart pastry], a tour of Casa da Musica [concert hall space designed by Rem Koolhaas], lunch in one of the many quaint tapas bar lining the streets and ending the day with an evening drink at Cafe Candelabro [great music selection] or Champanheria da Baixa [a champagne bar].

If you’re still looking for some nightlife, head up to Rua de Santa Catarina; things don’t get started until 1:30am so be sure to load up on some café!

The Crew I Casa de Musica  Outside I Casa de Musica

Photo dump below!

Assortment of pates Assortment of pates

Late night bar

Check back soon on my post on Faro, Sintra, and Douro Valley.


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