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In order to escape the dreary Brussels weather, we rented a Jag and drove up to luxurious Luxembourg City! The LUX in Luxembourg is SPOT ON;  when did I step into a JCrew catalog? Everyone was beautiful and impeccably dressed.

During the day we checked out the Vianden Castle, which was constructed between the 11th and 14th century,  and did a quick self guided tour of the medieval castle.


For drinks, we frequented  go ten  which is a really cute after work bar (both indoor and outdoor space).  It is a cocktail and gin bar serving Japanese and Thai tapas for lunch and dinner; the gin and tonic menu is a bit intimidating but the servers are really nice and will gladly walk you through it. It also gives a great view of the Palais Grand Ducale, official residence of the Grand Duke.

Luxemburg, as a whole, embraces American food but don’t expect to eat with your hands; they provide a knife and fork for your burgers. If you order a gin and tonic, you better know your tonics! I’ve never been in a city so obsessed with gin and tonics.


To get some exercise in, we hiked the Mullerthal Trail. The walking tour trail is roughly 7 miles around and takes about 3-4 hours so be sure to bring water. There are incredible rock formations, waterfalls and even a stone theatre in the woods. It’s such a surreal experience, you’ll feel like you’re in the Hobbit!

Any additional tips on things to do in Lux? Submit them below! Please be sure to follow my instagram  for more up to date pics!

Bon Voyage

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