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Hiii, my name is Taiwo and as my blog name suggests, I was born in Nigeria but moved to the States as a preteen. My first non-academic, non-supervised international travel didn’t happen until I was in graduate school because let’s be honest… I was a poor ass student. Even still, traveling was just “too”: too expensive, too time consuming, too busy, too something!

For my birthday, my boyfriend bought tickets to St. Thomas with less than a month’s notice and you know what? my life didn’t fall apart due to a lack of notice, without “saving up”, without calculating my vacation days or missing an event or two.

Puerto Rico -- Fajardo

I craved the feeling of going somewhere new, meeting new people, eating street food and attending random dance parties. As cliché as it sounded, I wanted new stories, experiences and cute ass Instagram pictures.

The solution seemed ‘easy’ enough: I had to make traveling a priority in life. I figured, we all have priorities, whether it be material assets, traveling, food, sports, etc, so I would make mine traveling. This means I don’t have the most up to date phone, outfits or purses but I’m fine with that.

Lisboa, Portugal -- Casa da musica


My job has made this a reality, much quicker than expected; I travel roughly 3 weeks out of the month which means I rack a lot of airline miles and hotel points. Not only do I have the opportunity to rack up points; on the week that I’m “remote”, I am able to work anywhere I want. This means, I’ve had plenty of ‘work from home’ moments in Puerto Rico,  St John and even Nigeria!

I hope the above gave you a slight glimpse into who I am; keep reading for more 🙂

Bonne Voyage x