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I’ve come up with a segment called, “FlashbackTo…”; this is to feature my previous travels prior to starting this blog.  These posts will tend to be pictures as opposed to me blabbing away (as much).

One of my friends grew up in Bangkok [Shout out to Anne] and she honestly can’t shut up about Bangkok. She’s really well-traveled and hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so it was a “fuck it, if not now then when” situation

My crew this time around was my boyfriend and two mutual friends. We landed in Bangkok, took a ferry to the islands (Ko Sumai, Ko Tao, Ko Pha Ngan).

Enjoy the pictures below!

72 Hours in Bangkok!

Seriously.. Bangkok is awesome.  As a Naija girl, I immediately felt at home in Bangkok. Near death experiences inside a tuktuk reminded me of the okadas [motorcycle taxis] of Lagos and eating “chicken” sticks from a street vendor while praying that you aren’t eating horse meat brought back childhood memories.


Our first night in Bangkok was a whirlwind! We started off at the Lebua SkyBar which was breathtakingly beautiful. FYI- Hangover 2 was filmed here. Unbeknownst to us, there IS a dress code so don’t be caught off guard (luckily, I always look bomb dot com so no worries :)). We weren’t allowed to take pictures as there was a private party going on, but I snuck some in #forthegram.  It was a great pre-game bar but I was ready to see the underbelly of Bangkok so we headed to Patpong Night Market for cheap Chang beers and an adult ping-pong show or two.



Temples and Buddhas, oh my!

The next day, we decided to do some touristy action and check out the amazing temples Bangkok is known for.  In order to get to the temples, we had to travel via longboat. Seeing as how I’m not the strongest swimmer, I just got in and hoped my last confession was detailed enough.



We were later told it was disrespectful to take pictures of the Reclining Buddha and other statues, so we didn’t take additional pictures barring these.

Post a comment regarding YOUR experience in Thailand. I’m planning on going back to Thailand so any tips and recommendations would be great! We literally only spent 24 hours in Bangkok so it was a bit difficult to cram it all in. We tried to go to the castles but it was so crowded I didn’t think it was worth it at this time but I do recommend them!

Also, this was the weirdest thing I’ve seen in quite a while:


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  1. Robin | 2nd May 17

    I like your blog on Thailand. I have 8 hours in Bangkok before going to Phuket for a week. I did not plan on taking a tour, they are expensive. What sites should I see with the time I have? Should I take the train, bus or cab. Thank you Robin

    • Taiwo O | 2nd May 17

      Hey Robin! Thanks for taking the time to read my post :). You can call an uber to the Grand Palace and should take about two hours or so. Also get a massage if you have the time, the Wat Pho has temples and shrines and the massage school so you can kill two birds with one stone. If you don’t want to take a risk of the temples/shrines as the Wat Pho can get incredibly crowded — there are tons of massage centers around the city that are pretty cheap (i suggest a two hour massage, incredibly relaxing!).Be cognizant of time since you do have to go through customs and whatnot, so 8 hours can easily become 5 hours.. and definitely have loads of street meat!

      Let me know what you decide on! Thanks! xx

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