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Review | Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

Aquila is an award winning 4-star private game reserve and spa that has been acclaimed for its conservation programmes and social responsibility efforts in addition to its luxurious amenities. Though its number one purpose is the protection of threatened wildlife and job creation for the local community, the resort offers a day and overnight safari experience via quad bike, private/group safari tours or horseback…

Storytime | I Can’t Swim but Went Great White Shark Diving

Why in the world did I decide to go Great White Shark diving?? sigh.. read ahead.

FlashbackTo…| Johannesburg, South Africa

Today’s post will focus on Johannesburg, South Africa! If you’re new to the blog (holla!), my “flashback” posts are primarily pictures without a lot of words.  I fell in love in Johannesburg faster than you can say “Biltong!”; I met up with friends who had been living in the city for a month or so which really elevated the experience as I felt like a ‘local’.&nbsp…

Review | Kruger National Park, South Africa

Lions, Tigers, ELEPHANTS… OH MY! Does being chased down by an elephant in your car and listening to two lions having going at it outside of your tent sound like your idea of a great time?!?! LET’S GO TO KRUGER! Read on for my fabulous experience in the national park and more importantly.. more elephant pictures…