Switzerland | Zurich and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Remember that time I went to Zurich to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers?!? First of all, it was an AMAZING show!!!!!! AMAZZZIINNGGG!!! I’m not going to lie, I thought it would be lame since they are old-ish and all, but nope, they still got it! We went to Europe solely to see this show and though the other countries were awesome, the show really was the perfect finale to our trip.

Touristy ish

We were in the city for 2 days for the show, which was amazing (do I know any other adjective but amazing? I DO BUT I DON’T CARE IT WAS AMAZING!!!).  I thought Luxembourg was the apex of bougie-ness —  wrong, Zurich has them beat. The cities definitely had some similarities such as reminding me of how poor I am, extreme cleanliness and incredibly good looking people. A stark difference is the amount of “adult” shops were exposed in Zurich as opposed to Lux.

We started with Oliver Twist, an English bar tucked away in old town Zurich, had a couple of Irish coffees and went to the Grossmunster church, walking past the lake and the Opera House on the way.

Since it was a very quick trip, if you have any tips or recommendations on fun things to do in Zurich, please comment below!

After a long day of “touristing”, what else is there to do in Zurich but head to the Thermalbad! Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside but trust me when I tell you that I need to start incorporating thermal baths in my weekly routine.  It was gorgeous and incredible.. why isn’t this a thing in the states?! The spa features an open air rooftop warm pool, spa services and  plenty of sauna,steam rooms, Jacuzzi and pools.

This picture doesn't even showcase how excited I am for this.  This picture doesn’t even showcase how excited I am for this.

Little fun fact: They serve Irish coffees at Zurich music venues apparently. Enjoy the pics below 🙂


  1. Lei | 24th Apr 17

    Wow! Girl I can tell you had a blast! We love to travel​. Switzerland is in our bucket list so this is very helpful. Thank you for sharing ?

    • Taiwo O | 25th Apr 17

      Absolutely! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Annika | 24th Apr 17

    Such cute pictures and I love the sunnies. I will def have to check out the thermal baths if I ever visit Zurich.

    • Taiwo O | 25th Apr 17

      yess yess yesss they are amazing!! The US needs to start getting on it STAT! When we were in Austria, we went to some there as well

  3. Sincerely Jules | 25th Apr 17

    I love the fact you went to Europe to see them! That is awesome! This trip looks absolutely amazing!

    • Taiwo O | 25th Apr 17

      Thank you!!! We literally planned a 2.5 week trip around this concert! lol thankfully it was worth it

  4. Victoria | 25th Apr 17

    Great post! I have always wanted to visit Zurich but it seems like you had an amazing time. I would have also thought the red hot chilli peppers concert would have been lame but this did not look lame at all.

    • Taiwo O | 25th Apr 17

      They were soo good! I wasn’t convinced at first.. because again, old people lol but they definitely got the energy up!! We were there for such a short period of time but definitely worth it!

  5. Katie @ Zen Life and Travel | 25th Apr 17

    Zurich looks awesome – I definitely want to go someday…and the Chili Peppers!! My favorite band EVER – I have loved them since I was 13. They can still put on a killer show!!!

  6. Shannon | 25th Apr 17

    This looks awesome! Super jealous of the food. I love how beautiful it looks there even with all the dark clouds!

  7. Katie | 26th Apr 17

    So cliche… but I’m going to say ‘californication’ as my fav song by them!

  8. Ale | 26th Apr 17

    I’ve never been to Zurich before and from Milan (the city where i live) it’s quite close!! So i can arrange a weekend there with the kids!!!

  9. Maliha Chagtai | 26th Apr 17

    Love the orange pants! Zurich is definitely on my list. I’m intrigued by the Thermalbad..

  10. Miranda | 27th Apr 17

    I LOVE the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I guess I’m ‘oldish’ too because I saw them waaaay back in 1998 at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, D.C. They were followed by Pearl Jam. Thanks for this post – I really want to go to Zurich now. The thermal baths look amazing and I love the high levels of Irish Coffee availability. 🙂

  11. Kate and Kris | 27th Apr 17

    Kris is jealous of the Chilli Peppers….but Irish Coffee at a gig????!!!

  12. Samantha Green | 4th May 17

    Looks like you had such an awesome time! Your photos are great

  13. Cally | 30th Aug 18

    You have some incredible shots of the water in Zurich (as a sailor travelling around the world on our sailboat that is of course the first thing I notice)! And the food, how I would love to go to Switzerland for the scenery and the food!!

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